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SimplyBurns última versión: Graba CD/DVD de audio, datos y haz copias de CD a CD. macOS Mojave. Un nuevo giro al sistema operativo de Mac. Gratuito. 9 pasando por vídeos hasta imágenes de disco, además de disponer de un modo de copia CD a CD de lo más útil. Sencillo pero hace muy bien su trabajo .

Well not any longer! You can ask me. I don't profess to being the fount of all knowledge, but after having been a designer for many years I might just be able to steer you in the right direction. There is no harm in asking is there? Close Help. Entering your question is easy to do. Just type! Your question will appear on a Web page exactly the way you enter it here.

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You can wrap a word in square brackets to make it appear bold. For example [my story] would show as my story on the Web page containing your question. Since most people scan Web pages, include your best thoughts in your first paragraph.

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Please note that very short questions may not be accepted as the page would not prove of value to other visitors. Aim for at least words if possible. Do you have some pictures or graphics to add? Click the button and find the first one on your computer.

Select it and click on the button to choose it. Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. Click here to upload more images optional. Your Name. Your Location. I am at least 16 years of age. I understand and accept the privacy policy.

I understand that you will display my submission on your website. You can preview and edit on the next page. How would I insert text onto a sampler cross stitch pattern please? Sometimes I find cross stitch graphs just don't work for needlepoint. Thank you. Not rated yet Hello! I am newly retired and can now devote my time to my passion of cross stitch design. My … Tips for exporting MacStitch's charts?

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Can you suggest anything I can do? Read More. Struggling to chose hand embroidery stitches for the lines in a design? Here are some ideas for you. The history of Redwork Embroidery and the techniques involved in this easy form of needlework. Some of the links on this site include affiliate links, providing Needlework Tips and Techniques a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you. Of course, you are not obligated to use these links to make a purchase, but if you do, it helps to support this site.

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Stitch Index. PE28 5LJ. Please do not copy the content of this site. It is protected by Copyscape. Site Map Privacy Policy. However, I do now use a computer to speed up the process of creating my own designs. Give your question a title Please give me enough information so that I can help you [?

Upload Pictures or Graphics optional [? I found the picture on the internet, it is of a famous icon in the monastery …. As I see things that inspire me I create a …. You can also copy and paste a photo or other design directly from a photo on your computer or scanner onto a chart. The program will let you print it in color, using symbols or color blocks.

My favorite is PC Stitch 9 and 10 especially for making patterns out of photographs. I have done several portraits using it. What I did , in each instance, is select a photo that had the person in it, download it into PC Stitch, crop the person out and, after selecting size, thread count and number of colors to apply all of which are questions built into the program I printed it and was ready to stitch. Great way to personalize a gift. My grandchildren are my favorite subjects. I still draw stuff out on graph paper, then color it in.

Because I have dyslexia, I frequently color similar shapes very different colors. Years ago, in the early s, I bought some software that was supposed to graph your design in colors you wanted or with some symbols. I just never got into using the program and have not bought a newer one. I have purchased some patterns from PatternsOnline.

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I spoke too soon. Hi Mary, Is there no end to your talents?. You amaze me,how do you find the time to do all that is needed and still embroider.

How many hours a day do you embroider? I have eyed some of the x-stitch programs that are available and often thought they would be fun to have. I would really like to be able to cross stitch a picture of our former dog. I do mostly linear stitching rather than block unit think double running rather than cross stitch. But line unit work is at best covered an afterthought, mostly as an outline tool. Dear Mary, I appreciated the info on the Mac Stitch software,thank you.

Found this very rewarding. Sorry to say that I have become very tired of the medallion piece. Your stitching is beautiful but is so long in coming to fruition. I applaud your tenacity with this piece. Larraine Leonard aka egaqueenmum yahoo. Mary, This software looks like fun. I use a different one, very easy to use as well.

Cross Stitch Software for Mac

And it is very reasonably price, IMHO. No affiliation her either…just like it. Thanks for the information on the software. While looking through old posts and links to other resources, I stumbled across this site: There are all kinds of free monograms on the site, but at the bottom of the page under the heading Russian Books are some patterns that appear to match this type of design.

Maybe someone who knows more about this could provide a little more information. Mary I have been looking for software for my MacBookPro that I can use to design counted cross stitch. I have looked at two software programs, MacStitch and Stitches for Mac. Have you heard of Stitches for Mac? In MacStitch, do you know if you can scan pictures into the software? Anymore information you can share with me to make a decision would be helpful! By the way, I read your article about you and your niece doing a counted cross stitch project.

I stitched it on 40 count Ant.

My early days of designing

White linen with NPI and Gloriana silk. It came out just beautiful! I love Long Dog designs. They are among some of the best designs available to us stitchers. I am interested in learning other kinds of needlework. I want to learn needle painting.