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SimplyBurns última versión: Graba CD/DVD de audio, datos y haz copias de CD a CD. macOS Mojave. Un nuevo giro al sistema operativo de Mac. Gratuito. 9 pasando por vídeos hasta imágenes de disco, además de disponer de un modo de copia CD a CD de lo más útil. Sencillo pero hace muy bien su trabajo .

Erato, Performed by Spectrum, cond. Guy Protheroe.

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NMC Recordings Ltd. On "Ars Musica '90". Inspired by Turner's painting. Two harps and two synthesizers are tuned a quarter-tone apart. Ricercar, Harmonic series using additive timbres that mutate into one another. Synthesizer and cello improvisations. Featuring the tone guitar".

Neil Haverstick Productions, Neil Haverstick: "Acoustic Stick". Neil Haverstick: "Other Worlds". Four longer pieces in 34, 19 and tone equal temperament with electronic space effects and one duet on fretless guitar with John Starrett on StarrBoard. Neil Haverstick: "If the Earth was a Woman". A collection of microtonal country, hard rock, reggae and blues.

Nine pieces for 34, 19, tone and fretless guitars. Neil Haverstick: "Stick Man". Instrumental music in 19 and tone e. Performed by Ernie Crews, drums and percussion and Haverstick on electric guitars and basses.

Mac Miller – ROS (Piano Cover) | Dedication #

Neil Haverstick: "Mysterious Female". Yoder baritone , M. Faust flute , R.

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Evers guitar , Mircea Ardeleanu percussion. Koch Schwann Hexnut: " Hexnut ". Mix of classical, jazz, improv and metal. Karnatic Lab Records, Lejaren Hiller: "Computer Music Retrospective ". First piece contains a movement in tone equal temperament.

Mac Miller – ROS (Piano Cover) | Dedication #571

Played on quartertone electric guitar and H'arpeggione, an upright acoustic instrument with 12 sympathetic strings. CD Baby Edward Hines: " An American in Istanbul ", chamber works in new maqams. Edward Hines Music, Rozalie Hirs : "article 0 [transarctic buddha]" , for solo percussion: pitched metals and pitched natural stones. Performed by Arnold Marinissen, percussion. Attacca Noriko Hisada: "Prognostication" Contains quarter-tones and eighth-tones. Luc Houtkamp, alto and tenor saxophone. X-OR, Theatre work in 9 sequences, uses third tones.

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  • Musikszene Schweiz, Performed by the Harmonic Choir. Ocora, Calin Ioachimescu: "Celliphonia" Spectral music for cello, performed by Anca Vartolomei, cello. Played by Gerard Bouwhuis and Cees van Zeeland. Channel Classics, Wergo, Charles Ives: " Universe Symphony " for orchestra.

    Lincoln Center, New York, CDBaby, In a note tuning. Peter Brunt, violin and Nieuw Sinfonietta Amsterdam cond. Lev Markiz. Music on synthesizer and percussion using microtonal and just tunings. Experimental electronic music. Ben Johnston: "String Quartet No. Elektra-Nonesuch, New World Records, Uses limit JI. The Sonata uses a note tuning with almost no consonant octaves.

    Ros - Mac Miller - Piano

    Koch International Classics, Contains "Gambit" in extended just intonation, "Trio" for clarinet, violin and cello, "Ponder Nothing" in a limit scale, "Five Fragments" in 5-limit just intonation and other pieces. Probably the best performed intonation of Johnston. Complete limit. CRI Emergency Music series, Cyberenaissance, vol. Electroacoustic microtonal music with a mostly electric string quartet in tone e. Orphon Soul, Inc. A piece with extremes of pitch, dynamic contrast, quarter-tone steps and giant leaps. Kees van Unen: " A work in three parts featuring overtone constellations and quarter-tones.

    REM Harold Kelt: "Gematria", 17 multi-temperament microtonal compositions in tunings of 20, 26, 33 and tone equal divisions of the octave, CdStreet.

    GO:OD AM Tracklist

    Buzz Kimball : "Early Improvisations". Novosonic Buzz Kimball: "Meditation Program". Cook Craig, microtonal guitars; Eric Moore, percussion; Joey Walker, microtonal guitars; Lucas Skinner, microtonal bass guitar; Stu Mackenzie, microtonal guitars, synthesizer, zurna; Michael Cavanagh, percussion, and Ambrose Kenny-Smith, microtonal harmonica, vocals.

    Arion Hans van Koolwijk: "Bambuso Sonoro". Van Koolwijk built a gigantic bamboo machine with pipes blown by an electric wind machine and directed with an ingenious control panel. It contains pipes ranging from 7 m. He builds microtonal structures for sensitive ears. Joe Maneri on saxophone and Steven Lantner playing two pianos tuned a quarter-tone apart on tracks 1 and 7.

    She experimented with poly-microtonality with custom-built and -tuned instruments lyre, harp, harpsichord, synthesizer and piano.

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    And she developed a style that she calls Universal Mode Improvisation. Brian Lee: " Walk in Beauty ". Uses Schlesinger tunings. Naked Light, Awarded with the Matthijs Vermeulen Prize. Contains also "Cloudy Forms" on a Chinese poem by Shi Tao , with quarter-tones and other works.

    NM Classics, Synthesis of spectral harmony and jazz improvisation. Pi Recordings, A piece for orchestra, consisting of four different groups, two of them using pianos tuned in microtones.

    Played by the Shanghai Film Orchestra. Claudio Abbado. Deutsche Grammophon, Ernest Bour. On the same CD the version for 12 string players. Uses micro-intervals to colour diatonic melody and harmony. Uses harmonics 2 to Ligeti develops an imaginary folklore that includes both microtonal intonations and a fragment of a 'gipsy' scale. Jacky Ligon, Alvin Lucier : " Crossings ". LucyScaleDevelopments, Witold Lutoslawsky: "Sacher Variation" Performed by Taco Kooistra, cello. Ladder of Escape 6, Attacca Babel, Babel Roderik de Man : "Entanglements" , rev.

    Jazz in tone equal temperament. Joe Maneri: clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone, piano; Joe Morris: electric guitar; Mat Maneri: electric 6 string violin. The musical exchanges between Joe and his son Mat on electric 6-string violin - employing the grammar of Father Maneri's notes-per-octave microtonal system - are like nothing else in jazz.