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Always have a spotter on hand when you test any maximum lift. Heavier men should be able to squat more, as they carry more muscle mass, so the standards are separated by body weight. An untrained male weighing pounds should be able to squat at least 80 pounds, while an intermediate should squat and an elite trainee pounds.

1RM Testing | Science for Sport

These numbers rise to , and pounds for a pound male and 50, and for a man over pounds. Trainer Stuart McRobert also writes in "Brawn" that all men should aspire to a pound squat. Deadlifts also test your lower body and core, but with a greater emphasis on your hamstrings and lower back.

You'll need to work up to your one rep max in the same way as for squats. A pound male should be able to deadlift 95, or at untrained, intermediate and elite levels. The standard is , and for a pound male and , and for men over pounds. McRobert notes that pounds is a respectable target to aim for.

Maximum Load (1RM)

The bench press tests your chest, shoulder and triceps strength. Untrained lifters should aim for 85 pounds at a body weight of pounds, pounds at a body weight of pounds and pounds at over pounds of body weight. The following link provides a variety of factors that may influence the results and therefore the test reliability. Test validity refers to the degree to which the test measures what it claims to measure and the extent to which inferences, conclusions, and decisions made based on test scores are appropriate and meaningful. This test provides a means to monitor the effect of training on the athlete's physical development.

The assistant weighs and records the athlete's weight The athlete warms up for 10 minutes The assistant loads the barbell with a weight close to the athlete's one repetition maximum load.

1-RM Tests (Repetition maximum tests)

The athlete conducts bench presses until they are unable to continue The assistant acts as a spotter for the athlete and counts the number of successful bench presses If the number of bench presses exceeds 10 then the athlete rests for 10 minutes, the assistant increases the barbell weight and the athlete repeats the test The assistant uses the maximum load calculator to determine the athlete's 1RM.

Journal of Exercise Physiology, 5 3 , p. Bench Press Test Testing and measurement are the means of collecting information upon which subsequent performance evaluations and decisions are made but, in the analysis, we need to bear in mind the factors that may influence the results. Objective The objective of the bench press test is to evaluate an athlete's upper body strength. Rachelle Turner People used to laugh at me behind my back before I was in shape or successful. Once I lost a lot of weight, I was so excited that I opened my own gym, and began helping others. I began to get quite a large following of students, and finally, I didn't catch someone laughing at me behind my back any longer.

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